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How do I become emotionally so strong that nothing can ever break me? by Trishla Bafna



Nymphomania only refers to females, the same condition in males is called satyriasis. You compare those words, take a survey of people, I’d bet you’d find that the majority know the word nymphomania, but what about satyriasis? Is that because it’s basically a default position for men or acceptable, not thought of as a disorder! 

Why nymphominia is treated as disorder not Satyriasis? Is it because male’s are more superior to female’s ?

 I think there’s still very much a double standard. Acceptable behaviour (sexually speaking) for males is far more tolerant of promiscuity than it is for females. Promiscuous men are playboys, ladies men, studs etc. However, promiscuous women are whores, *beeps*, tramps etc. Anyone who thinks the double standard is gone needs to look again.

How much you suffer today, the more happy your tommorow!

Folks before falling asleep, have a positive thought no matter how much you suffered the whole day weare a big smile and den go to bed😊😊😊 good night